Welcome To Mental Earth

This is the place to be if you're tired of the games, contention, flame wars and trolls that can make a community experience unpleasant if not harmful.

Supportive Hands

It is the mission and motto of Mental Earth Community (MEC) to provide support for people with mental illnesses / mental disorders, those recovering and those in remission as well as their families, friends and mental health providers in a Safe and Secure Environment.


“Support In a Safe and Secure Environment.” Our members share intimate details of their lives. Privacy and security are of the highest priority. Confidentiality is maintained by keeping our forums hidden from public view. Members can’t be scrutinized by guests nor will posts be accessible to Internet search engines. In addition, our site is sponsor free. You’ll never see any advertisements or pop-ups at Mental Earth.

Mental Earth is a cozy, but open community for adults, only permitting members 18 and older. We feel compassion for minors with mental illness, and encourage them to find support communities that are youth oriented. This policy gives our members the freedom to talk about adult issues that may be inappropriate for minors.

Four Different Forum Boards

Our Support Board is our main focus. It contains forums for a wide variety of mental disorders, where mutual support and information is given. The General Board includes forums for general topics such as current events, politics, pets and a place for artistic expression such as poems, short stories, art and photography. Our Entertainment Board emphasizes the therapeutic use of humor. Its forums consist of music/theater trivia, jokes, game arcade and a lounge for downright silliness. The last board is the Administration Board. This is where announcements are made, a place for community feedback and a technical help desk.

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Mental Earth Community is a peer to peer community where no one gives professional advice. If you are in need of immediate help, please call your treatment team, or your local emergency number.